Android Vs Apple Mobile Phones: Which Is Best For You?

Android vs Apple mobile phones: which is the best for you? Are you stuck on making a decision between whether to buy an android phone or an Apple phone? Then this article provides you with the perfect overview of both sets of phone brands and the pros and cons of each.

It is common knowledge that android and iPhones are the most popular brand of phones available in the world currently. The two sets of phones are identified by the operating system that they operate on.

While android operates on the Android operating system, iPhones operate Apple’s operating system (iOS) which is normally found on MacBook and other Apple products.

The dominance of these brands are largely due to the uniqueness that they bring to their customers and in this article, we look at what makes each brand special. The article will discuss the merits and demerits of each operating system as well as the pricing and flexibility of each brand.

Let’s get into it!

Android: Is It Worth Using?

Arguably, android mobile phones are the most popular phones on the planet. This is due to the fact that it has a lot of brand names associated with it.

Phone producing brands such as Samsung, Huawei, LG, Nokia and others use the android operating system on their phones. One of the very first advantages of using an android mobile phone is the flexibility that comes with its operating system.

Most mobile phone users love to have their phones customized, and it is an easy feature that can be seen in most mobile android phones. Android mobile phones usually allow for the customization of themes and home screens and Samsung phones are noted for having in stock a variety of fonts for their phones.

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Android mobile also allows for an extension of memory storage as against Apple phones or iPhones. With a lot of music, videos, images and documents to be saved, android mobile phones provide a slot of external memory card which is quite convenient.

Although this cannot be said of all android phones, the majority of android phones provide the slot that allows for the extension of memory.

Again, the android community is usually touted as being innovative as compared to the Apple community. This is attributed to the competitiveness found in the android community, with companies looking for the upper hand over the other.

Experts say that this has sparked the innovation of some features on android mobile including wireless charging, fast charging, 4GLTE, 5G and many others.

This is definitely not to say that iPhones do not have innovations, but the difference is usually in relation to the frequency and pace at which both sides create new things for the community.

Another huge advantage that Android phones have over iPhone has to do with the sharing and transferring of files. For most Android users, it is easier to transfer files using Bluetooth, but that is not possible when transferring to an iPhone.

Also, Android users have the freedom to copy files from a phone to a laptop or computer using a USB cable, which means that users can easily transfer their files.

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About Apple: Is It Worth Using?

Apple phones or iPhones are those phones that run on the iOS platform and are produced solely by the Apple Company. They certainly produce quality phones at least each year and speaks to the wide number of people and class of people who use them.

It is becoming a very common feature to see most actors using an iPhone in movies or series and there are certainly reasons for that. One of the key advantages that iPhones have over android is the former’s detailed attention to security.

iPhones are usually safe security-wise because of the features embedded in the phones. The phones have enhanced privacy controls which help to deny certain applications the ability to track locations.

The case is however different for android users which could have apps such as Facebook tracking locations. If you are someone who really loves privacy, then iPhone could be the ideal choice for you. Another advantage that iPhones have over android phones is the speed of their respective operating systems.

While the former is usually associated with fast speed and execution of commands, the latter usually have issues. For example, the current iPhone 13 Pro Max has an internal memory of 6GB RAM which helps the phone to run at a supersonic speed without challenges.

The main reason why iPhones run faster is that, unlike androids which were designed using the Java programming language, iPhone was specifically designed for the sake of efficiency.

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This means that the phone can easily run on a lower memory or RAM space. It is also believed that iPhones are able to operate as a result of the fewer bloat wares available on the phones.

Bloatware is usually thought of as the pre-installed applications found on mobile phones. Android users usually have a lot of these apps upon purchase while iPhone users have fewer. The benefit of this is that there are not so many unwanted applications running in the background and affecting the speed and efficiency of the phone.

In terms of updates too, it is easier to update iPhones than in android phones. A study conducted in the US indicated 80% of iPhone users were able to update their phones as compared to the 5% found on the android platform.

There is a school of thought which believes that the frequency of updates means that Apple releases more weapons to fight against malware issues and others that could affect the functioning of their phones.

Choosing between Android phones and iPhones is usually about preference and financial strength. While android phones are generally affordable because of the range of prices available on the market, iPhones are generally expensive.

But iPhone’s expensive nature is almost always associated with the quality and it is not surprising that most people with the financial resources opt for that. If you are however running on a tight budget and would need an equal phone to use, then you can look at purchasing an android phone

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