Fiverr: What Is It, How Do You Make Money On Fiverr?

For people who hire freelancers, or for freelancers themselves, the mention of Fiverr may not be a new word to them but for others who are not in that class, it might sound very strange. So what at all is Fiverr?, what happens on Fiver.com? And how can one make money In Fiverr.com?

What Is Fiverr?

To answer these basic questions, I will define Fiverr as a pool of freelancers and service sellers and buyers where a service is offered or bought at an agreed fee and the service provider is paid upon delivery of the service to the satisfaction of the customer or client. The website is one of the free platforms where one can make money online. 

It is that simple, fiver is like the digital version of a physical labour market where one hires a temporal worker to perform a task and is paid upon delivery. The only difference here is that this time demand and supply occurred over the internet. I hope this basic explanation makes sense?

Why Work Or Freelance On Fiverr?

In today’s world, coupled with covid 19 and travel restrictions, freelancing has become a huge deal. Freelancing has actually existed way long ago but it has gained match more attention in recent times as a result of Covid 19 and its aftermath effect.

So many got stocked home and that they relied much more on hiring freelancers to help them with work while workers could not go to work or were unable to work because of the virus. Fiverr is one of the freelancing platforms that has existed for many years.

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The platform actually houses service providers and buyers of services. Meaning one can either join the platform as a freelancer rendering service at a fee or a buyer ready to buy a service on the platform. It offers users an opportunity to work from anywhere in the world while reaching a global demand market force.

How To Join Fiverr

To join the freelancers’ platform, one needs to create an account on their website, Fiverr.com. You will need a working email and a password to do this. Once you are done you can proceed to fill in all your required information – be sure to share only sincere information about you and your offers and upon approval you are good to be getting gigs from the platform, deliver it and get paid. Here is a resource from Fiverr to help you create your account.

What Actually Happens On Fiverr?

On Fiverr, once a member, you can switch between providing a service or buying a service. When you are providing a service you are a seller and when you are buying a service you are a buyer. One can exist in the platform as a service provider but still be able to switch to becoming a buyer when he or she needs a service that he cannot provide for himself and will have to employ another person to provide.

The platform has services ranging from anything media or tech-related that can be done from a distance and delivered online to the buyer. Yes. It’s very simple. Services on fiver cut across websites development, content writing, SEO – search engine optimization, programming, video editing, graphic designing, coding, advertising management, copywriting, proofreading, researching, dish ital marketing services and many more.

These service providers put up their services with details on what they can offer and get done as well as their prices. Once’s a service buyer sees a sellers gig or offer and is interested, the two can get interactive in a chat box and if the buyer agrees to make payment the seller must begging the work. Usually, the seller has a timeframe for sale Ty stated but if a buyer wants an express service it can be done at an agreed extra charge usually displayed under the offer which the buyer has ordered.

The money paid is not immediately released to the seller, the platform holds the money until the seller delivers and the customer, client or buyer confirms that indeed the order has been delivered and they are satisfied with it before the money is released to the seller. Should a buyer not be satisfied with the work done, he or she has the opportunity to ask the seller to fix or add what is missing with a duration. Failure on the part of the seller to fix the issue with the buyers renders the work not done.

Also, the buyer has limited days to accept the delivery of an Oder and review it. Failure on the part of the buyer to do so after 3 days automatically renders the order complete and the seller gets the money. So it is always important that a buyer makes time to review delivered orders before the days expire.

How Do People Make Money On Fiverr?

To make money on fiver is really simple. One only needs to have an account, fill in the required information, have the skill to sell, the skill must be in need and that’s is it. Once the skill and the offer attracts a buyer to make an order, you are on the money-making journey. Once an order is complete and there are no issues related to it, you have made money as a seller on Fiverr. Yes, this is how so many people are making huge sums of money online from the freelancing platform.

Is Fiverr For everyone?

In fact, everyone can register on the huge freelancing website. Provided you have a skill to offer and your skill is in high demand then you can register and make money. A few other things to consider is to have a good laptop or computer, a power supply, good internet connectivity and a spirit to succeed. You may not want to be offline when you are contacted or when a delivery is due as a result of a damaged computer, a power outage, unstable internet connectivity or any other hindrance that may stand your way.

Always be nice to the clients and they will leave good 5-star reviews for you which will help you attract other clients over a short period of time- remember the more good reviews you have the attractive you become and the higher your gigs get ranked higher. So if you didn’t know, now you know about Fiverr, one of the few online freelancing platforms putting lots of money in the pockets of many from a distance. You can also make money from the platform today. Consider giving it a try if you have any related skills that can be of use remotely.

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