How To Make Money From Blogging: 5 Powerful Steps To Consider

Can you make money from blogging? Yes! Thousands of people have now made a living out of blogging simply because they followed simple and basic steps on how to make money from blogging.

It could be a life-changer for you too and here we provide you with all that you need to make money from blogging. Check out this post on how I started my first blog for less than $50.

Running a blog is increasingly becoming a common global concept, not only because of the improved means of communication it has presented, but also for the income it is generating for people. Writers, usually called bloggers in this context are raking in millions of dollars as a result of blogging right.

In order to make money from blogging, you need to understand all the opportunities available for earning. While there are several of them including affiliate marketing, subscriptions and others, this write up will purposely focus on how to make money from blogging through the use of advertising agencies.

The post will provide a general overview of the basics of blogging, how to choose a better niche, writing content, choosing an ad company, and generating traffic. Now, let’s dive into the steps that will help you make money from blogging!

How To Make Money From Blogging – Understand Blogging Basics

Just like any other industry or sector, there are general guidelines governing blogging. While they are not written as codes of instructions, they have been adopted by many bloggers because they returned much success.

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One of the key basics that you need to understand in blogging is about providing what your readers need. The blogging space has become even more competitive and readers do not lack sources for information.

The only way to gain an advantage, therefore, is to provide exactly what they need by going the extra mile to provide the very details that will keep them glued to your site.

Apart from content, blogging also has everything to do with aesthetics. It is imperative that your website has a good look and feel about it. This means a better layout of your web pages, easy identification of menu and sitemap as well as appealing use of colours.

Implement these basic tricks and you are well on your way to making money from blogging.

How To Make Money From Blogging – Choose Your Niche

Perhaps the most impressive thing about blogging is the freedom with which it comes. Bloggers are not restricted to any niche or area. It is a free world and you choose what you want to write on.

However, if you intend to make money from blogging, then there is the need to consider the niche you work within. Industry experts have emphasized on several occasions that there is a certain niche that pays higher.

For example, it will be easier to generate more revenue in technology or insurance than it will be with either sports or entertainment. This is not to say, one cannot establish a recognizable sports or entertainment blog but as the industry dictates not much can be earned from the aforementioned niches.

How To Make Money From Your Blog- Writing Content

Once you have chosen a suitable niche to operate within, it is necessary to focus on the content. There is a saying in the blogging world that content is KING and it truly is.

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Just as pointed out earlier, providing exactly what your writers need is crucial to making money from blogging. In content writing for blogs, one has to pay attention to key elements such as structure, choice of words and clarity.

By structure, we mean the arrangement of a post. Blog contents usually follow the conventional writing guidelines, where there is the title, introduction, body and conclusion.

It is important to ensure that these aspects are well written to serve the purpose they are supposed to. The main purpose of starting a blog is communication, and there should never be a situation where readers struggle to understand your message.

In order to win over your readers always, ensure that you use simple words that can be understood by all. For inspiration, you can conduct research into the language use of your favourite websites or blogs and analyze why you love the language.

Make Money From Your Blog – Choose An Ad Company

The next important step to follow in order to make money from blogging is to choose an advertising company. There are several ad companies ready to pay you for the content that you write on your blog.

Among the popular ones are adsterra, propeller, Mgid and Google AdSense. Google AdSense appears to be the most favoured among the aforementioned. This is not only because of their enormous experience in the business but also because of the thousands of clients they work with.

With several companies ‘desperate’ for a place on blogs and websites, Google AdSense pays more for helping them advertise their clients.  On average, most bloggers earn about $100 which could be a decent return for you as you begin your blogging journey.

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Check here, I have shared a blog post to help new bloggers understand the basics of applying for Google AdSense on their blog. You can read the post to gain some insight into Adsense application and approval.

How To Make Money From Your Blog – Traffic Generation

One of the key determinants of generating more revenue from a blog is getting a better and consistent traffic source. While companies are eager to advertise on websites, they would not pay to be advertised on a website that does not pull a lot of traffic.

This is why it is important to learn the best ways of marketing your content. One of the common ways that most bloggers employ is the use of Facebook pages and groups.

Most blogging sites have a designated Facebook page that helps them to build a trusted fan base. With several plugins available to share stories from the web directly to Facebook, bloggers are able to reach more people and get more traffic.

Some bloggers also join Facebook groups related to their niche to share their stories whenever they are published. Other strategies include optimizing your website for search engines either organically or in a paid form.

Conclusion On How To Make Money From Blogging

Making money from a blog does not require extreme technical skills and it is thus an area that could help you rake in some revenue. By following the 5 powerful steps outlined in this post, you will be on your way to earn more blogging.

As a recap, ensure that you have a better understanding of what it takes to run a blog, choose a high paying niche, write better and appealing content, choose an ad company and find ways to generate traffic to your blog.

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