Make Money Online – 5 Websites To Use For Free

In a world that is increasingly going digital every day, one must know how to make money online in 2021, making money on the internet has become one of the ways many have resorted to and it has proven to be one of the ways of generating income that has come to stay with us and will surely stay forever.

Every day, there are millions of people on the internet and so it is only smart that one finds a way to make money online out of the many internet users in a legitimate means.

Several people are already making huge sums online and in fact, everybody can also begin to explore and make money online.

There are several online platforms ranging from apps to websites on which one can make money by doing little daily tasks.

Many have come to appreciate this means of generating income since it allows one to work from anywhere, exposes you to a large market, allows you to be your own boss and work on your terms and the fact that it can also be just a side hustle for making passive income while maintaining one’s regular job.

In this post, I am going to share with you some websites from which you can make money online in 2021. the good news is that most of these websites require no signup fees – they are absolutely free to use.

These are also websites you probably know or use already but you might not have known that you can make money from, this post will give you insight into how you can make money in 2021 from these websites.

Free Websites From Which You Can Make Money Online In 2021


Fiverr is the first website I want to talk about. This website is a freelancing platform connecting different people with different professional experiences ready to sell their services to a huge pull of buyers around the globe.

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On Fiverr, there are sellers, who are service providers and buyers, who are ready to buy a service at a few set by the seller. On this website, one can sign up for free, create a selling service, referred to as a gig at his own fee and get a buyer to buy the service.

The seller states what he or she can do and then when a buyer is interested, he buys the service. the seller delivers the service according to the buyer’s requirements and gets paid upon delivery.

One can even switch his or her account between being a seller or a buyer, meaning one can sell service and also buy different services service from other professionals on the platform.

Servies on Fiverr cuts across all fields of digital jobs, from copywriting, content creation, video editing, website development, mobile application development, editing and proofreading, writing jobs, virtual assistant jobs, traffic designing jobs, etc.

You can check out Fivver and sign up to sell any service you offer and make money online. Here is a resource on how to start selling on and start to make money online in 2021.


YouTube is not new, you might have been using it almost every day but did you know that you can make huge money from YouTube? Lots of people are doing that already.

We can never talk about websites on which you can make money in 2021 without talking about YouTube. In 2021, it is still okay to begin a channel if you intend to make some money online. This can be your side job and still pay you very well.

YouTube is a video hosting platform owned by Google where users are allowed to record and post videos on the platform and get paid when their video attracts views.

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Google shows advertisements on the videos and a percentage of the money advertisers pay to google is paid to the video creator. This is how you make money online in 2021 with YouTube.

A lot goes into starting a YouTube channel, creating videos and getting views on your videos, these will be discussed in subsequent articles.

if you can feel writhing you that you can create videos then YouTube is for you. You can start and with hard work make an appreciable amount of money from the platform.

Video can be on any topic from teaching a skill, a subject, reviewing products, reviewing music, sharing news content, conducting interviews and a lot more. You can sign up on YouTube and begin your journey. Check out this post by Google on how to start a YouTube Channel.


With Codecanyon, it is a bit biased because it doesn’t work for everyone but I am still going to talk about it. We cannot disregard it in our discussion of websites to make money online in 2021.

This platform is suitable for people who can write codes, programmers and developers. If you are one of these people then this website is for you. Develop a tool or a web application and sell it on Codecanyon.

On Codecanyon, you can sign up, develop a program, an application, a website template, a theme or plugin and sell it on the platform.

The platform boasts about 32,502 code, plug-ins and scripts. Products being sold here include PHP scripts, JavaScript, HTML, WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins 3D files etc.

if you can develop any of these, this is a great place to sell it and make money online in 2021. Here is how to start selling on


You may be using Facebook almost every day and enjoying the fun it brings connecting you to your friends but did you know that you can make money on Facebook? there are tons of ways of doing that.

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I will share a few with you here. Facebook has grown from just a social networking website to a complex platform. You came to make money online in 2021 on Facebook easily. How do you do that? You can sell a product on your timeline and turn your friends and followers into your customers.

Equally, you can start a Facebook page and or Facebook group and grow it. When your following grows you can start making money from that.

It’s not easy to grow a page or group on Facebook but once you succeed, you are good to go, Here is a resource on Facebook to help you (create a page, create a group).

Imagine having about 1 million followers on a page or a group on Facebook. You can sell a product or service to them and make some money from there.

You can as well turn that an influencing job where you charge companies and firms or individuals a fee and post their adverts, products or services in your group or on your page.


To make money online in 2021, think of using the website The photo and video-sharing website have garnered huge users across the globe and that it has become a place to get attention from people.

This makes it a great platform for the sales of products and services. Just like Facebook, one can make money from Instagram on a daily basis.

How do you make money on Instagram? Start by posting or sharing videos and photos that will entice people to your profile and let them follow you. Build a brand through that.

You can find loads of content on building a brand on Instagram. With a good number of followers, you can sell your own products to your followers.

You can consider being a rand influencer for other brands. Here you can get paid by posting brands on your Instagram page. Click here to see how to create an Instagram account and make money online in 2021.

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