Newbie Bloggers And Google Adsense Approval

As a newbie blogger, one of the challenging things you face is getting Google Adsense approval on your new blog which has just gone online. Am not here to scare you but just expose you to the realities of blogging because it’s not easy for newbies to make money from their blog. Many give up along the line and are not able to ever get into blogging again.

It is important to note that it is not impossible to make money from your blog as a newbie blogger or it is not impossible to get Google Adsense on your blog as a newbie blogger who has just begun.

All you have to do is take your time, develop the blog, write more rich content and valuable content and make sure your content meets Adsense policy requirements before making an application to the Monetization platform.

In this post, I will take my time to share my experience with getting Adsense on a new blog and note that am not promising it is 100 going to give you approval by following my post but at least it will guide you to do the right thing to avoid being rejected or getting several rejections.

 What Is A Blog?

Before I get into the post, I am assuming that by now, you at least know what a blog is but I will still try to define a blog in a layman’s language for the sake of those who do not know but might have chanced on this article. Probably from here, I will spark their interest in blogging and making money from blogging either as a full-time job or a side job.

So basically, a blog is an online platform on which a blogger posts content for an audience or readership. Usually, blog content is topical or thematic and so once you visit a blog it is easy to tell what that blog is about from the content posted on it. Blog content can range from entertainment, news, tips, how-tos, health, lifestyle etc.

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Blogs are sometimes referred to as websites but for me, I think the two words can be used interchangeably. Blogs or websites are located on the internet with an address that usually looks like for example,, if you have ever visited any webpage that looks like this then you have visited a blog or a website before and oh, this right here on which you are reading is an example of a blog. LOL.

What Is Google Adsense?

Now that you know what a blog or website is about, let’s proceed to what google Adsense is and how one can make money on Google Adsense as a blogger or a website owner. Google Adsense is a Monetization platform own by technology giant, Google.

It is a platform on which a blogger, the content creator can sign up to show google ads to his readers and get paid in return. It sounds simple right? But it is not that simple, a lot of hard work must go into it on the side of the blogger before his blog is approved to show google ads.

Google has Google Ads, another platform with a pull of advertisers around the globe who pay money for their products, services, etc to be advertised to internet users through google platforms and across google products.

Bloggers are able to register their blogs with Adsense and upon acceptance, get google ads on their blog to show to readers and get paid a percentage of the money advertisers pay google.

In another article, I shall go into details with regards to how money is actually made from Adsense on a blog but for now, let’s stick with getting the site on Google Adsense first.

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Before one can submit his blog for Adsense approval, there are tons of things the person can do, in fact, one must ensure that google policies have been followed to avoid rejection. For details on the policy as on google official website click here.

Getting Google Adsense Approval

To get Adsense on your blog, you must strictly follow the programme’s policies. Good attaches a lot of importance to these policies. A few of those policies I will like to  briefly talk about are as follows;

  • Be at least 18 years old or older before you apply for Adsense. Google has this as one of the key things they check so it is very important that you are 18 or more years old before participating in the AdSense programme. However, if you are below 18, your parents or an adult relative can sign up for you and receive payment on your behalf using their google accounts.
  • Make sure your content is original- plagiarism is a serious crime and Google does not joke with it at all. Before you submit your blog for Adsense make sure your content is originally written and not plagiarized or copied from other websites. Don’t be tempted to copy from others, stay original. Originality and uniqueness is the only way to go.
  • Ensure your blog is still not under construction. Yes, Google can’t show ads on a blog that is still being constructed. What do I mean by this? Make sure your blog is online and well built before submitting it for approval. Never be in a haste to apply for Adsense, I have tried that before and it did not help me. So I will not encourage you to do the same. if possible get multiple experienced AdSense approved bloggers to review your site prior to application.
  • Add important pages to your blog. the About, Contact, Privacy Policy Pages are very important and must not be unavailable at the time you are applying for Adsense. Make sure you have these pages with the required information.
  • Make navigation easy on your blog. Nobody wants to get into difficulty when looking for something and so is it with your blog readers so make navigation for your readers very easy on your blog. Let them find relevant pages and information easily when they land on your blog.
  • Also, make sure your text on the blog is clear and easy to read. Do not write texts that are too difficult for the eye.
  • Do not write content on pornography, counterfeit goods, drugs, etc. Google is strict when it comes to this. So if your blog has content on any other above mentioned terms, consider deleting it or modifying it before the Adsense application.
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The policies are enormous and I can’t spill all of them here so I will encourage you to visit AdSense official website to get all you need to know to apply and get approval.

There is also another page where Adsense provides very useful resources for beginners and existing bloggers. Click on this page and get more information before submitting your blog for Google Adsense approval. 

If you have earlier applied and got rejected, all hope is not lost. Go to your Google Adsense account to check the details in the rejection message, try as much as you can to make changes to your site and reapply.

You can find that on the left side of the account’s home page, click and read the detailed reason for rejection and aim at making changes to your site before resubmitting for AdSense approval.

Once you meet the requirements, Adsense will give your blog approval and you can start showing ads on your blog. GOOD LUCK!!!

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