Seoclerks: How Do You Make Money Freelancing On The Website?

SEOClerks is one of the websites on the internet that offers great opportunities for people around the globe to offer their skills to a global client base from any part of the world while making a decent income. Freelancing online on SEOClerks and other websites keep getting popular and gives a lot of people the comfort to make money online from their homes these days.

In a previous article, I mentioned some websites where people can make money online in 2021, these websites offer free sign-ups and that makes them great for people who may not have money to begin but want to make some money online. You can check that article out, Click here to read if you missed it.

In another post, I have talked extensively about Fiverr, another great freelancing platform giving a lot of people options to make money from home and any part of the world by selling their skills to a global market. Before we get into SEOclarks properly and how one can make money freelancing on the platform, let’s try to understand freelancing. You can find that post here.

What Is Freelancing?

Freelancing is the act of working independently as a person, an institution or company, providing services for another person, an institutional company at a fee, either for a short period of time or on a part-time basis. Freelancers are not full-time employers and may only offer their services when they are needed. They are their own bosses and are not restricted to working for just one person or company. This means that freelancers can take multiple jobs concurrently.

Is Freelancing Good?

You may be asking yourself if freelancing will be a good option for you. If you ask me I will say yes, it is very good. However, the decision to be a freelancer solely depends on you and your career goals. For many, freelancing gives them chance to be their own boss, freelancing gives them the opportunity to have multiple jobs at a go, freelancing gives them the option to work on their own terms, gives them enough time to spend with family etc.

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Freelancing may also have its own challenges just like any career decision one makes. There may be times a freelancer may find it difficult to get jobs or gigs. Other times, a freelancer may have too much on their hands to be able to meet deadlines. Freelancers are also not entitled to other benefits employers offer full time or permanent and regular employees of a company.

There are many more reasons why one may consider freelancing. I will suggest that, if you are unsure about it, get a regular job and try freelancing online for a while or freelance when you are off duty with your regular job. Upon realization that freelancing is working for you and making you good money, you can quit your regular job and pursue freelancing full time.

Freelancing Online

Freelancing online will mean doing all the above, but this time, working from the comfort of your home or anywhere through the internet or by means of an internet-based medium. SEOclerks is one such medium for online freelancers. There are others like UpWork, Fiverr, Guru, Toptal etc.

Freelancing On SEOClerks

Freelancing on SEOClerks can be a very good option for you if you intend to freelance online. However, your skill must be related to SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Just as the name of the platform suggests, SEOclerks is mainly for SEOs. People who have knowledge in and are professionals of Search Engine Optimization. These professionals are dominant on the freelance platform.

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In recent times, other professionals have been present on the SEOClerks website, however, SEO options still dominate the services provided on the platform. Other services aside from SEO, such as content writing, virtual assistance, guest posting services, social media management services, arts and graphic designing services, programming and web development services are available. it must be mentioned that most of these services are still related to SEO though.

How To Join SEOClerks

SEOClerks is free for anyone to join regardless of their location in the world, however, one must possess a skill related to SEO or other skills mentioned above. Unlike Fiverr, SEOclerks is somewhat not favourable for everyone, in that it may be advantageous for SEO professionals than others. To begin a freelancing journey on this platform, one needs to create a free account. Click here to create your SEOClerks account. You will generally need a working email and a password to create your account.

You will have to decide and choose the seller option when creating your account on the platform. However, you can switch to a buyer’s account later, or switch between a seller and a buyer account should you decide to buy a service. Upon successful submission of email, username, password, you will need to fill out your information and also create your first gig or offer. Be very sincere and truthful at this stage and make sure you only mention skills you possess and what you can do professionally. Do not attempt to tell lies about yourself, you will be exposed.

Making Money On SEOClerks

Making money on SEOClerks is not very easy and quick for beginners but with some kind of patience and hard work, you can make a decent earning from the micro jobs website. It begins after creating your account and setting up your profile. Be honest with the information you put on your profile to attract gigs to you. There are a few things you can do to get you going faster. Start with low competitive gigs, set low prices for your gigs, promote your gig links on other platforms and social media.

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As a beginner, you will be at level one or at the beginners level, at this point, your target is to make sure you attract and completes gigs even before the deadlines. By completing more gigs, your level goes up and you begin to rank higher on the platform. Work to the satisfaction of clients, sometimes blow them away with your delivery, go beyond their expectations and they will leave you a good review. Reviews are very important in your journey up, don’t underestimate what can push you up.

As you get more gigs, you make more money. Be good at what you do and keep improving in your communication with clients and your overall delivery. Another means you can make money is by signing up on the SEOClerks referral affiliate programme and refer freelancer friends to sign up on the platform. You are paid a commission for each referral. Note that upon the completion of each gig and before you can withdraw your earnings from SEOclerks, 20% of the total amount made will be deducted by platform managers. This I believe is means to keep the platform running.

All the best in your freelancing journey and making money online freelancing on SEOclerks. You can start by creating your account here.

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