Starting A Blog With Less Than $50 In 2022

If you have been searching online on starting a blog or how to start a blog then you might have had the thought or asked yourself the question ‘how much do I need to start a blog?’. Well, what if I told you that you could start a blog with as little as $50 or even less, in 2021 will that make you happy?.

The good news is, you can start your own blog and grow it to become a big blog from scratch with a small budget, lots of research and hard work. Yes! HARDWORK, you need to work really hard to get there if you want the blog to be huge in a year or two to come. What I am going to share is exactly what I did and started my first blog in 2018 and today that decision has been one of the best I made in my entire life. How did it all begin with me?.

Why I Started A Blog

So in 2018, just after I had completed school and at home, I wanted to do something new and learn a new skill. I spent a lot of time on the internet reading and found blogging.

I settled on blogging because of offered me a lot of advantages – working as my own boss, working at my own pace and time, not being under a lot of pressure and the joy of seeing many reading my blog posts.

Am sure you are wondering why I have not mentioned money? well, money was the last on my mind when I started. I imagined if there was any money to be made it would come later after the hard work but it even came earlier than I expected- just two months into active blogging. It was a good feeling seeing money come from my time spent online but let me save this one, I will share the money story in another subsequent post.

So How Did I Actually Start My Blog?

To tell you the truth, I started at a time when I did not have any money and the only on me was my girlfriend’s money equalling and amount $30 at the time. I wanted to start at all costs so I had to use the money and tell my girlfriend about it later but it was a good decision.

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In my research, prior to me starting a blog, I came across the fact that I needed a domain, hosting, CMS, theme, a computer, and internet and an inner will to succeed. What then was available and what was not. I had just the will to succeed and nothing else but I did it so you can too.

What You Need When Starting A Blog

Buying Hosting And Domain

I started by buying web hosting after I had researched and read on several of them. I found a website called where I bought my domain and hosting.

All I needed was a visa card to pay and an email address to register on the platform, it was really very easy. There are other payments methods like Paypal also available on the platform. So to start, you need to buy web hosting.

Budget is critical when starting a blog. For me, I didn’t have money so I got a domain to buy from, the domain was just $8.

What then is a domain? The domain is the URL of a blog or a website or the link to a blog or a website’s homepage that looks like There are several companies online that sell domains but I got mine from

There are others like,, and others. Domains usually represent and are coined from the brand name of the website or blog but it is not always the case. they may also end with a .com, .net, .org, .edu etc. For a blog, I will recommend a .com domain.

Both my domain and hosting was from the same company/provider, it was just about $2.5 or so/month. The hosting is basically where your website files are stored and when a visitor clicks a link on your site, the files are pulled from the hosting server and delivered to the visitor.

Hosting companies usually will give you a free domain and SSL certificate if you can afford to host for at least a year or more but I didn’t get that option because I could only afford to host for just one month. LOL. As well, aside from Hostinger,,, and others also provide hosting services.

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What Next Afer Getting Hosting And Domain

Now I have a domain and hosting, what was next? I started reading more on WordPress and how to build simple WordPress blogs. WordPress is a CMS platform for blogs and websites. A CMS is a content management platform for blogs. This blog – runs on WordPress.

Also, there are other CMS platforms like Drupal, Joomla and others. I tried Joomla but WordPress was simple for me as a beginner. When starting a blog for the first time, you can experiment with these before finally and settling on one.

Starting A Blog -Installing WordPress

From my reading online and watching tons of Youtube videos on building a WordPress blog I started my blog. From my Hosting account’s Cpanel, I installed WordPress, provided all the credentials and it was that simple.

I was amazed I did it. Note that every hosting provider has their own Cpanel, they may look different but will usually give the same end result or you may be able to do the same thing from each other. I will take you through each of them in other posts. You can also read how to install WordPress from here. If you will install from Hostinger, read this.

Starting A Blog – Installing a WordPress Theme

Now at this point, I was able able to log to my website using the credentials I provided during the WordPress installation and from there I saw my blog online. That was not all though. I had to install a theme. The theme is the template that gives the blog it looks.

Blogs look the way they do usually because of the template or theme being used. My choice of themes is normally influenced by what my blog is about.

You may have to make a decision on which theme to use, whether a paid/premium or free. I recommend a free theme if you want to save money or if you have a small budget.

There is an article I have posted on choosing a WordPress theme. Click here to check it out it may help you to decide. has an article on how to install a theme read it here.

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There are tons of free and premium WordPress themes online and in the WordPress database. As a newbie who couldn’t afford a premium that was not less than $40 at the time I started, going free was my only option.

I installed a free theme and started exploring and boom my blog started looking good. This was a trial and error stage for me but I finally learnt a lot and got the design I wanted.

Starting A Blog – Installing Plugins

Then I installed a few important plugins such as Jetpack, Cache plugin, Yoast SEO plugin etc on the blog. These plugins basically add other functionalities that are not available with the installed theme to the blog. With plugins, you are able to do a lot on your blog and each plugin has something unique to offer. Click here to see how to install a plugin.

Starting A Blog – Writing Your First Post/Article

At this point, you must write your first post. See here for how to write your first WordPress post. Now that I have my blog set and online, it was time to write my first blog post. I took time to learn how to write a blog post and it really helped me.

I imagined the first post would influence all other posts so it was very well crafted. I kept adding a few more posts until I got about 35 posts. The blog was then looking good and I started sharing with friends on social media to read. The readership increased with every post and that kept me going.

So you see how I started a blog with less than $50? Even today, you can still start a blog with $50 or less and I will be more than happy to assist you at every stage of the journey. Just use the contact page on this blog to get in touch and I will help you for free.

In other posts to follow, I will explain each of the stages in starting a blog and how to go about them in detail. for now, below are some links to a website that really helped me at every stage, you can use it and it will really help you. For now, Click Here for other resourceful information on starting a blog

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